Keylan Boone

Keylan Boone has been a revelation for Oklahoma State coach Mike Boynton. “Keylan Boone has kind of popped his head up amongst the freshmen here the last couple of weeks in ways that I probably didn’t anticipate,” he said. Devin Lawrence Wilber/for the Tulsa World

Boynton doesn’t have much information about Watson

Marcus Watson has not participated in any team activities since being suspended from the team after a protective order was filed against him on Oct. 21.

The petition for protective order provided by the Payne County Courthouse had a description of the alleged incident that happened on Oct. 19. The person filed the order against Watson as a “victim of rape.”

OSU basketball coach Mike Boynton said Monday the investigation is out of his hands.

“I know exactly what’s been published publicly,” Boynton said. “It’s an unfortunate situation, but at this point, that’s all we have.”

Watson, a cousin of Boynton’s, is the sixth player to be released or suspended during Boynton’s tenure.

“With the suspensions themselves, you have to deal with things as they come,” Boynton said. “… I’m going to come up here and I’m going to look you guys in the face and be honest and tell you what I know and we’re going to deal with it as we have the right information.”

Takeaways from scrimmage

OSU hosts Rogers State in an exhibition game at 7 p.m. Friday in preparation for the regular-season opener against Oral Roberts on Nov. 6. The Cowboys also scrimmaged the University of Tulsa on Sunday.

Here are two takeaways from the scrimmage:

Keylan Boone continues to be impressive: Boynton and his veteran players have dropped Keylan Boone’s name multiple times the past few weeks when asked about young players who have been the most impressive. Monday was no different when Boynton was asked about the scrimmage.

“Keylan Boone has kind of popped his head up amongst the freshmen here the last couple of weeks in ways that I probably didn’t anticipate,” Boynton said.

Boynton praised the 6-foot-8, 200-pound wing player out of Memorial High School for embracing the defensive aspect of his game.

“He’s got great versatility on the perimeter as a defender,” Boynton said. “He had seven deflections and I think nine rebounds in about a 20-minute segment which is really, really high production, especially for a guy who you think is going to identify himself as a scorer. He didn’t take a bunch of bad shots, but he just played within himself.”

Boynton names Reeves MVP: Senior Trey Reeves, son of Cowboys legend Bryant “Big Country” Reeves, was met with high-fives and applause from his teammates during the scrimmage on his way to the bench immediately after he drew a charge on defense.

Boynton said Reeves was the MVP of the scrimmage, but it was less about what he did during his limited playing time. Reeves didn’t play a lot of minutes and Boynton doesn’t anticipate him playing much during the season, but Boynton took notice of his engagement on the sidelines.

“In terms of understanding what our team needs from him, no one is as bought into their role for our team,” Boynton said. “… Every time he was on the sidelines he was talking to his teammates about things that they could be doing. Just that buy-in to what he needs to do. It’s very hard to find a guy, who knows he’s not going to play much, continually stay engaged in things that maybe he’s not necessarily going to have an impact in on the court. But he cares about the team having success so much.”