Bedlam Baseball

Oklahoma State head coach Josh Holliday (center) looks on from the dugout during the game against Oklahoma at ONEOK Field in Tulsa, OK on 4/28/18. BRETT ROJO/For the Tulsa World

STILLWATER — Josh Holliday calmly opened the charcoal-gray suitcase stuffed with stacks of fake $100 bills.

“Here’s a million bucks,” Holliday said. “Do you think that’s life-changing money?”

The response he receives is always a predictable yes, he said. Although the thin green pieces of paper are useless as currency, they have value to Holliday, the Oklahoma State baseball coach, when he uses them as a concrete representation of a Minor League Baseball player’s financial future.

In his Allie P. Reynolds Stadium office, Holliday demonstrated the presentation he typically gives to high school recruits trying to decide whether to sign with a professional team or go to college. Instead of persistently urging them to choose OSU, he tells them about reality.

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