Oklahoma State has more than a century of football seasons under its belt, which has created an uncountable amount of memories for generations of fans. Reminiscing on the best moments of a program can be enjoyable for diehard fans, and that’s what I asked OSU fans to do earlier this month.

I reached out to the Cowboys fan base and asked them to rank their top three favorite moments in school football history. This exercise was a good way to find out what OSU fans care about the most. According to the 34 submissions I received, the obvious answer is beating Oklahoma.

Seven different Bedlam memories were mentioned in the submissions and three different Bedlam games made it into the top five.

Here are the results.

The rankings were awarded on a point system with a submission’s No. 1 choice receiving three points, the No. 2 choice earning two points and the No. 3 choice receiving one point.