The 2020 NFL draft is days away, and players from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Tulsa are preparing to hear their names called.

The University of Oklahoma has produced the past two No. 1 overall draft picks, quarterbacks Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns, 2018) and Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals, 2019).

Here is a look at how the previous 20 drafts have gone for each school, plus which draft years are most remembered for producing NFL stars.

The past 20 years of players from Oklahoma teams in the NFL draft


OU 2018 record, 12-2 eight draft picks

OSU 2018 record, 7-6 two draft picks


OU 2017 record, 12-2 four draft picks

OSU 2017 record, 10-3 four draft picks


OU 2016 record, 11-2 four draft picks

OSU 2016 record, 10-3 two draft picks


OU 2015 record, 11-2 four draft picks

OSU 2015 record, 10-3 one draft pick


OU 2014 record, 8-5 six draft picks

OSU 2014 record, 7-6 one draft pick


OU 2013 record, 11-2 four draft picks

OSU 2013 record, 10-3 one draft pick


OU 2012 record, 10-3 six draft picks

OSU 2012 record, 8-5 one draft pick


OU 2011 record, 10-3 seven draft picks

OSU 2011 record, 12-1 three draft picks


OU 2010 record, 12-2 four draft picks

OSU 2010 record, 11-2 one draft pick

TU 2010 record, 10-3 one draft pick


OU 2009 record, 8-5 seven draft picks

OSU 2009 record, 9-4 four draft picks


OU 2008 record, 12-2 five draft picks

OSU 2008 record, 9-4 one draft pick


OU 2007 record, 11-3 four draft picks

TU 2007 record, 10-4 one draft pick


OU 2006 record, 11-3 three draft picks

OSU 2006 record, 7-6 two draft picks


OU 2005 record, 9-4 six draft picks

OSU 2005 record, 4-7 one draft pick

TU 2005 record, 9-4 one draft pick


OU 2004 record, 12-1 10 draft picks

OSU 2004 record, 7-5 three draft picks


OU 2003 record, 12-2 three draft picks

OSU 2003 record, 9-4 three draft picks

TU 2003 record, 8-5 one draft pick


OU 2002 record, 12-2 four draft picks

OSU 2002 record, 8-5 one draft pick


OU 2001 record, 11-2 two draft picks

TU 2001 record, 1-10 one draft pick


OU 2000 record, 13-0 two draft picks


OU 1999 record, 7-5 two draft picks

OSU 1999 record, 5-6 two draft picks

TU 1999 record, 2-9 one draft pick

Oklahoma 2010

Quarterback Sam Bradford was taken first overall, quickly followed by defensive tackle Gerald McCoy (third), offensive tackle Trent Williams (fourth) and tight end Jermaine Gresham (21st) in the first round. McCoy and Williams made six consecutive Pro Bowls for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins, respectively, while Greshman was a two-time Pro Bowler for the Cincinnati Bengals.


On the heels of All-America seasons and two national titles, defensive end Lee Roy Selmon was the first pick, taken by Tampa Bay. He was the Buccaneers’ MVP in his first season, and he played in six Pro Bowls in a row and was the NFL’s defensive player of the year in 1979. OU running back Joe Washington was selected fourth by San Diego, and he went on to make the Pro Bowl in 1979 with the Baltimore Colts and was a member of the Washington Redskins’ Super Bowl XVII championship team.

Oklahoma State


After winning the Heisman Trophy, running back Barry Sanders was drafted third by the Detroit Lions and was a Pro Bowler in each of 10 stellar seasons in a Pro Football Hall of Fame career. He was selected the NFL’s MVP in 1997 and led the league in rushing yards in four seasons. Also taken in the first round that year was wide receiver Hart Lee Dykes, who went 16th overall to the New England Patriots. Dykes played two seasons with the Patriots before injuries ended his career.


As OSU’s highest draft pick since Sanders, offensive tackle Russell Okung was selected sixth by Seattle and became a Pro Bowler in 2012 before playing on the Seahawks team that won Super Bowl XLVIII the next year. Taken later in the first round by Dallas, wideout Dez Bryant led the NFL in receiving touchdowns in 2014 and played in three Pro Bowls for the Cowboys.



The Hurricane had five players drafted in the first four rounds: quarterback Jeb Blount, offensive linemen Wes Hamilton and Greg Fairchild, punter Rick Engles and receiver Steve Largent. Largent wasn’t taken until the fourth round but became the most prolific receiver in by the Seattle Seahawks history, twice leading the NFL in receiving yards, making seven Pro Bowls and being selected NFL Man of the Year in 1988. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1995, his first year of eligibility.


Four TU players were taken in the draft, including linebacker Tracy Scroggins, who played 10 seasons for the Detroit Lions, and quarterback T.J. Rubley, who started seven games for the Los Angeles Rams in 1993. But most notable was offensive lineman Jerry Ostroski, a 10th-round pick who started more than 100 games for the Buffalo Bills at center, guard and tackle in an eight-year career before a knee injury prompted his retirement.

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