1. OU’s Kennedy Brooks

A Twitter account belonging to a person with the handle @malloryjech has identified herself as an alleged victim of abuse by Oklahoma running back Kennedy Brooks during a 16-tweet thread on Friday night. 

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NORMAN — A Twitter account belonging to a person with the handle @malloryjech identified herself as an alleged victim of abuse by Oklahoma running back Kennedy Brooks during a 16-tweet thread Friday night.

The thread starts with a tweet reading: “The University of Oklahoma (@UofOklahoma) values their student athletes more than their average student. I refuse to be quiet. And here’s why: I’m being played as the girl who lied about being abused. However, I’m the girl who protected a liar & an abuser’s career. Until now.”

A person by the name of Mallory Jech is listed in the OU student directory.

OU released a statement regarding the situation on Saturday morning: “OU has been made aware of social media posts in reference to a recent Title IX investigation. Title IX reports and investigations are confidential in order to protect the privacy of both the individual reporter and the respondent involved in the investigation.

“University policy is to conduct investigations involving student athletes independent of OU Athletics. At no time does the Office of Institutional Equity engage the Athletics Department in the evaluation of evidence during or following an investigation.”

OU coach Lincoln Riley met with the media Saturday following the first practice of fall camp.

Riley was asked if he was pleased with how the university has handled things regarding Brooks.

“I have to refer back to that university statement. As I said in Arlington, they are the people that handle that. We have to have respect to that process and how it goes on,” Riley said. “I would say that it’s a topic that we’re extremely sensitive to. We have around-the-year education with our guys on that. It’s something that we take extremely serious, so serious in fact that when there is an inquiry or process ongoing, we’re proactive enough to remove our guys from the team before a decision has even been made. We take it as serious as we possibly can and we let the people whose job that is do their job.”

Riley said during Big 12 Media Days that the athletic department is not part of the process and he reiterated that Saturday.

“We’re not an investigative body. It’s made extremely clear to us. Our university does a great job of education that we’re not investigators. We let the investigators handle it. They tell us what the decision is and then we take it from there,” Riley said.

The unverified Twitter account’s owner did not respond to multiple requests by the Tulsa World.

The Twitter thread takes aim at Brooks and the Title IX process:

“The University of Oklahoma does not value their students. OU only cares about their money. And God forbid something happen to one of their athletes who bring in millions of dollars every Saturday.”

“Thats [sic] the best they could do. Kennedy Brooks is being protected by the University of Oklahoma (@uofoklahoma) because he plays football. I was physically abused by that ‘man,’ I was left on the side of the rode [sic] in both Norman and Texas by that ‘man’ but who cares about the victim.”

The thread states that the alleged victim and Brooks were dating from June 2018 until the end of March. The thread said the victim called OU’s Title IX office in May with her allegations of abuse. The thread also said that the victim disputed reports to the office that Brooks was abusing her to protect the player.

A Title IX complaint starts an investigation and, according to school policy, an investigation and findings “generally should be completed within 60 calendar days of receipt of the complaint, preferably sooner as practical.”

The school issued a statement about Brooks’ situation on July 9:

“When the OU Athletics Department is made aware of a potential issue involving a student-athlete, it may elect to withhold the student-athlete from participation in team activities during a review of the matter. Per University policy, OU Athletics does not participate in any such reviews or investigations involving a complaint. Those reviews are handled independently by the appropriate University office. At this time, it’s expected that Kennedy Brooks will participate in football team activities later this week.”

During Big 12 Media Days last month, Riley was asked about Brooks, who was named to the preseason All-Big 12 team. Riley said he was not involved or updated during the Title IX process.

“That’s a process that our school takes very seriously and we leave that to the people that their job is to handle that and when they do we take it from there,” Riley said.

OU’s statement Saturday also spoke more about the process.

“All individuals who file a Title IX complaint are provided counseling with confidential advocates, accommodations that include academic scheduling, and referrals to other agencies for additional recourse including, but not limited to, local police departments. Filing a Title IX report does not limit the ability of either party from pursuing action through the courts or the criminal justice system.

“Our responsibility under Title IX in a university setting is to ensure a safe learning environment free of harassment and discrimination for our students, to provide requested accommodations, to determine violations of policy, and where the evidence shows threats to safety, to take steps to stop and prevent its recurrence.”

Brooks took part in a photo shoot with local media on Friday but was not made available to reporters during a 40-minute interview session.

The Twitter thread ended: “I will not let the University of Oklahoma silence me. I will not let Kennedy Brooks silence me. I’m not doing this for attention or for anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m doing this for every girl who is too scared to speak up against their abuser. I will tell anyone my story.”

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