The Thunder’s “City Edition” 2019-20 uniforn recognizes the 25th anniversary of the Murrah building bombing. Courtesy

The Oklahoma City Thunder unveiled its four jersey combinations Tuesday morning. The one that got everyone’s attention was the “City Edition” recognizing the 25th anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing...

There will be those who feel that honoring something as gravely impactful as the bombing with a sports uniform is crass. Some will feel it’s as much a Nike/NBA exercise to sell jerseys as a tribute. Corporations can be cold places. You have a right to be skeptical.

The thing to remember is the Thunder has taken its place within the fabric of its city very seriously. Sam Presti is an at-large member of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Board of Trustees. He has guided new players on tours of the memorial and museum to give them a sense of their new home.

(Note to those caught up in the uniform’s flash: Take a deep breath. You’re missing the point. You want to go out and buy one off the rack, fine. But at least recognize the symbolism within the uniform before getting all slobber-mouthed over the color combo.)

The only garish thing about the kit is the Love’s sponsor patch. That’s a mistake. Adjust the sponsorship deal to display the patch on the traditional blue, white and sunset jerseys only. Don’t tarnish the memorial jersey with the name of a travel/truck stop.

Otherwise, I’d say the Thunder got it right.

The memorial’s Gates of Time down the sides of the jerseys... The memorial’s Survivor Tree on the waistband of the shorts...The “9:01” and “9:03” printed delicately on the shots... The “Service Honor Kindness” printed delicately above the tag of the jersey... The blue ribbon with the date “April 19, 1995” embroidered inside the jersey... All tastefully included.

The Thunder hasn’t gotten everything right this summer. One look at the 2019-20 roster shows that.

The organization got the “City Edition” of its 2019-20 uniform reveal right, though. The Thunder continues to get its relationship with the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum right.

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