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Flood waters at Indian Springs Sports Complex on the Arkansas River on Friday, May 24, 2019. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

After the week we just had, let’s agree on a few things...

FOX23 chief meteorologist James Aydelott could turn Oklahoma’s defense into Clemson’s.

KJRH chief meteorologist Mike Collier could get Russell Westbrook to hand out lollipops to reporters at press conferences.

News on 6 chief meteorologist Travis Meyer could kill a Wichita Thunder power play for the Oilers. By himself.

KTUL chief meteorologist Dan Threlkeld could launch one into a BOK Tower open window if he ever dug in at ONEOK Field.

These guys could do all of this and more if they wanted to, there is no doubt. Let’s be glad they choose instead to be at their best when Mother Nature is at her worst.

Thank you, gentlemen, to you and your indefatigable staffs. From all of us.

Goodness sakes, what a week...

This made me cry

If you have lived a spell in Tulsa, chances are you have either taken a stroll, jog or ride down the trails along Riverside Drive, or ferried your ball-playing kids out to Indian Springs Sports Complex for a Saturday morning game of soccer or baseball. Maybe you have lived here long enough to remember strapping on shin guards yourself and kicking balls into the net behind the Indian Springs goals, the one that kept your Mikasa from the Arkansas River.

There aren’t any kids playing ball at Indian Springs right now. You can’t stroll, jog or ride those Riverside trails.

We can’t do much of anything but watch the water levels and weather updates and hope to be on those fields and paths again soon. They are among our happy places. Going without them, seeing the flood water rise about them, is so sad.

And this made me cry

My first assignment as a sports writer was a high school basketball game at El Reno’s grand old Jenks Simmons Field House. It was 20 years ago. I had applied for a position at the Guthrie News Leader, and publisher Terry Tush sent me to cover Guthrie’s area tournament elimination game against (I think) Western Heights.

The game tipped at night. I drove over from Tulsa and pulled into the Jenks Simmons parking lot around noon. I had never been to El Reno and I had never heard of GPS. Besides, I wanted to make a good impression. So I had a few hours to kill.

I found downtown, parked the car and just wandered around. It felt like a lot of Oklahoma towns do — warm, peaceful and charming — which was very helpful since I was scared out of my mind at what I was about to do. It turned out to be a lovely day. The game turned out pretty cool, too.

I have thought well of El Reno ever since. Let’s all think well of El Reno this week.

And this made me cry

Waking up Sunday morning and watching Auburn’s Kick 6 against Alabama for the 764th time, only this time with radio voice of the Tigers Rod Bramblett providing the deliriously wonderful play-by-play.

Bramblett and his wife were killed in an auto accident Saturday. An emotional outpouring from the broadcast, college football and Auburn University communities followed on social media.

The bond between announcer, team and fan base is one of the truly beautiful things about sports. It cuts deeply when that bond is broken.

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