Gil Cloud

Tulsa Public Schools AD Gil Cloud warned Thursday that anyone caught using TPS athletic facilities during the COVID-19 shutdown could be subject to trespassing charges. Tulsa World file

Tulsa Public Schools athletic director Gil Cloud issued a reminder Thursday night that no one is permitted to use TPS facilities during the COVID-19 shutdown that will last at least through April 3.

Cloud said that TPS campus police discovered outside groups violating the ban at three TPS stadiums on Thursday. Cloud said that in the future, those caught using TPS facilities during the shutdown could face trespassing charges.

“We are having a problem with unauthorized folks using our stadium and turf practice fields,” Cloud said. “Absolutely no one is approved to use TPS facilities during this time.

“Our staff or outside folks will not be approved until there is an all clear for this virus. We want everyone off those fields until this is cleared up.”