The victims

Danny Freeman, 40, husband of Kathy, father of Ashley

Kathy Freeman, 37, wife of Danny, mother of Ashley

Ashley Freeman, 16

Lauria Bible, 16, Ashley’s best friend who was staying the night at the Freeman home in celebration of Ashley’s 16th birthday

Their relatives

Shane Freeman, 17, Danny and Kathy’s son and Ashley’s brother, killed in January 1999 shooting by the Craig County Sheriff’s Office, which was later ruled justified.

Lorene Bible, Lauria’s mother

Dwayne Vancil, Danny’s brother

Glen Freeman, Danny’s father

The investigators

Gary Stansill, District 12 District Attorney’s investigator and retired Tulsa Police detective, currently assigned to the cold case

Tammy Ferrari, special agent at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, currently assigned to the cold case

Tom Pryor, private investigator who worked for the Freemans’ relatives

Joe Dugan, bounty hunter who worked with Pryor for the Freemans’ relatives. Now deceased.

Former Craig County Sheriff George Vaughn (not pictured), was in office at time of Shane Freeman’s shooting death and the slayings of Danny and Kathy Freeman and kidnappings of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible.

Former Craig County Sheriff Jimmie Sooter (not pictured), followed Vaughn in office for 16 years.

The suspects

Warren Philip Welch, died at the age of 61 in 2007.

David A. Pennington, died at the age of 56 in 2015.

Ronnie Dean Busick, 67, is in Craig County jail, awaiting trial on four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of kidnapping and one count of first-degree arson.

People who knew the suspects

Sheila Pennington, David’s ex-wife

Rev. Raymond Whetstone, pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Chetopa, Kansas, where Pennington and Busick attended sporadically in their final years.

Misty Nuckolls, Busick’s niece