Little is known of the two people most associated with the massacre. It’s not even certain their names were Sarah Page and Dick Rowland.

Page was new to Tulsa and may have been as young as 15. According to one source, she had come from Kansas City, where she was in the process of obtaining a divorce.

Page disappeared on June 1 and no real trace of her has ever been found.

Various sources indicate Dick Rowland’s name actually might have been John Rowland or Johnny Jones or something else entirely. In any event, he remained in the county jail overnight, protected by six deputies and Sheriff W.M. McCullough. Once the shooting started, Rowland was arguably the safest person in the city.

Prosecutors eventually dropped all charges against Rowland, purportedly at the written request of Page, and he, too, left town.

In the early 1970s, a relative said Rowland and Page had been romantically involved and reunited for a while in Kansas City before going separate ways.

Rowland, the relative said, had died in the Pacific Northwest.

More recent attempts to learn the pair’s ultimate fates have been inconclusive.

Randy Krehbiel


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