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Althea has been a staff writer with the Tulsa World since 2007. She lived in Wisconsin until age 18 and is a 2005 University of Oklahoma graduate. Phone: 581-8361

The front page of The Daily Oklahoman from Sept. 28, 1949, referring to the Oklahoma Repealing Prohibition (State Question 343) failure. About…

OSU president Burns Hargis (left) and OU president Joe Harroz. Tulsa World File photos

Coach Tim Stogsdill’s SaberCats returned four starters, including World All-Staters Jordan Thompson and Sam Godwin, from a team that narrowly …

Believed to be the first black registered nurse in Tulsa, Janice Jones began working for the Public Health Service in the 1920s.

Over a nightmarish two days in 1921, one of the worst episodes of racial violence in American history unfolded in Tulsa.

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Althea Peterson

It's funny how engaged in other games fans can be during their own games. I remember that before OU-Alabama in 2003, they announced that previous national championship discussion darling Auburn had lost yet again to start 0-2 and the Crimson Tide fans just roared.

Before the 2002 OU-Te…

Althea Peterson

My 5-year-old daughter will be at TPS' Eisenhower this year and a donor has a pair of glasses for every student, who will get to experience the eclipse during the first day of class. They're planning to ask for parents to volunteer at the even during the meet-and-greet this Friday :)

Althea Peterson

About 17 years ago, I participated in Girls State in Wisconsin. Things I remember:

- This was the era before everyone having a cell phone, so we all took turns using the pay phone to call collect around the end of the week to let our parents know when to pick us up.
- Our schedule …

Althea Peterson

They rated Baywatch R?!

Althea Peterson

If the rain was heavy enough, I would use whatever available :)

Althea Peterson

If they're in the Oklahoma Panhandle, it's possible, as measurable snow that would impact schools enough to cancel/postpone events would likely only record that far west in the state. In this area, we usually don't record snow in April/May.

Althea Peterson

As Amanda already noted, Oklahoma education funding has been questionable. As we've reported recently, the state leads the nation in cuts to education funding for the third-straight year:…

Althea Peterson

I loved Eisenhower the moment I took the mandatory tour, but what made me want to check into Zarrow was that it was a smaller school that might allow for a less intimidating environment for a 5-year-old, especially after she just started a new school last fall.

I wonder if that's what …

Althea Peterson

Althea Peterson commented on Bruce Plante Cartoon: Regional Spelling Bee

I had to google it. To save some of you a googling:

Jñāna (Sanskrit; Pali: ñāṇa) or gyan is a term for "knowledge" in Indian philosophy and religion. The idea of jnana centers on a cognitive event which is recognized when experienced. It is knowledge inseparable from the tota…

Althea Peterson

Try this link:

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